Wednesday 7 January, 2015

John 7:1-13

7 After this, Jesus went around in Galilee. He didn’t want to travel around in Judea. That was because the Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him. 2 The Jewish Feast of Booths was near. 3 Jesus’ brothers said to him, “Leave Galilee and go to Judea. Then your disciples there will see the works that you do. 4 No one who wants to be well known does things in secret. Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world.” 5 Even Jesus’ own brothers did not believe in him. 6 So Jesus told them, “The time for me to show who I really am is not here yet. For you, any time would be the right time. 7 The people of the world can’t hate you. But they hate me. This is because I am a witness that their works are evil. 8 You go to the feast. I am not going up to this feast. This is because my time has not yet fully come.” 9 After he said this, he stayed in Galilee. 10 But when his brothers had left for the feast, he went also. But he went secretly, not openly. 11 At the feast the Jewish leaders were watching for Jesus. They were asking, “Where is he?” 12 Many people in the crowd were whispering about him. Some said, “He is a good man.” Others replied, “No. He fools the people.” 13 But no one would say anything about him openly. They were afraid of the leaders.

In life, if we desire to keep improving the way we do things, then gaining and applying feedback is an important key. The people around us can provide valuable insights as to how we can improve our performance or develop our character.

In this passage Jesus is given feedback from those around Him. He is getting feedback from the Jews that His ministry isn’t going so well, in that they want to kill Him! His brothers are saying that He isn’t going about things the right way and needs to go public… But apparently they don’t really believe in Him and what He’s doing at all!

Jesus could have taken this feedback on board and changed what He was doing, after all, all these people around Him were pretty vocal in their agreement that He needed to change what He was doing. But Jesus wasn’t paying attention to their feedback. It was clear to Him what God had called Him to, and that was the only feedback He was inviting in and listening to. Even the tone of His response to His younger brothers is strong but not resentful or defensive. He is so secure in knowing what it is He is called to.

God, please help me to invite in and listen to your feedback. Help me to graciously sidestep the feedback of others, if it is in opposition to what you are calling me to, and help me to do it without getting resentful or defensive. Help me to look to you and not to read my circumstances, help me to trust that you are the one who brings success, even when it looks like defeat. Thank you that you are so much bigger than my circumstances and that your words carry so much more weight than the noise against me. Help me walk like Jesus, help me walk by faith and not by sight. Amen.

Written by Beth Waugh

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  1. Justin Ware says:

    Great insight into this passage Bethany. I often wonder whether Jesus’ brothers here were James and Jude who laterm went on to write books of the Bible! This reminds me that even though people can be in a place with little faith at one time, they may go on to great things for His kingdom.

  2. David Newton says:

    Very thought provoking!
    There is ‘bad feedback’, ‘good feedback’ and ‘God inspired feedback’. Some feedback can be good sound advice but not result in a good outcome because it lacks God’s eternal perspective. By far the hardest thing is to discern the difference between ‘good advice’ and ‘God advice’. I have found the people who are most likely to achieve this discernment are Christian’s with an active prayer life.

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