Friday 19 June, 2015

Mark 1:29-34

29 As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew. 30 Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed with a fever, and they immediately told Jesus about her. 31 So he went to her, took her hand and helped her up. The fever left her and she began to wait on them. 32 That evening after sunset the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed. 33 The whole town gathered at the door, 34 and Jesus healed many who had various diseases. He also drove out many demons, but he would not let the demons speak because they knew who he was.

Jesus was at the beginning of His ministry time. People were starting to hear about Him and what He could do. His team were getting to know Him. In this passage He shows how He cared for His team and their families. He also shows how He was generous with His time and care to all those who arrived wanting healing. The passage also shows how interested everyone in the town was in who Jesus was and what He was doing.

This was the beginning of His ministry. He was building up His credentials. He wanted people to know how He cared in a tangible way. Healing the sick was obviously something important – one way to show that God cared for individuals and Jesus was the hands by which that love was being shown.

Lord God thanks so much that You care for each of us so much. Thank You that You sent Jesus to give us a clear demonstration of that love and then to die in our place. All we can say is THANK YOU.

Written by Therese Manning

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