Tuesday 1 September, 2015

Mark 15:16-20

16 The soldiers led Jesus away into the palace (that is, the Praetorium) and called together the whole company of soldiers. 17 They put a purple robe on him, then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on him. 18 And they began to call out to him, “Hail, king of the Jews!” 19 Again and again they struck him on the head with a staff and spit on him. Falling on their knees, they paid homage to him. 20 And when they had mocked him, they took off the purple robe and put his own clothes on him. Then they led him out to crucify him.

What a distressing picture this presents. These grown men, Roman soldiers, using their ‘power’ to inflict maximum pain on Jesus. He had been flogged and was about to be crucified, but they couldn’t let the opportunity pass before psychologically targeting Him as well. The soldiers made fun of Jesus, laughed at His claim of being any one important, tried to use their mistreatment to emphasise that He was nothing. They were trying to bring about a painful loss of pride, to rob Him of dignity. They were attacking Jesus’ identity and using all means available to try and convince Him that He was nothing, nobody, a pretender, imposter and a joke.

They failed.

In Luke 23:46 we see that in the hours after this assault on His identity, as He hung on a cross, Jesus clearly knew who He was and whose He was: And Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into Your hands I entrust My spirit.” Jesus knew that He was the Son of God, and that His Father was in control.

Thank you God that Jesus is my example. Thank you God that I am secure in you and in my relationship to you, no matter the taunts or the reactions of others. When I feel like I am not enough, when the enemy whispers that I’m an imposter and a joke, help me to call out, “Father,” and to recall whose I am. Amen.

Written by Beth Waugh

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  1. David Newton says:

    It is interesting that the apostle Paul with all his great wisdom knowledge and insight regarding the scripture would say in 1 Corinthians 2:2 “For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

    Thanks Beth

  2. Andrew Mellor says:

    Thanks Beth, this is a great picture of courage and endurance that is founded in our relationship with God!

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