Sunday 13 September, 2015

Genesis 2:10-14

10 A river watering the garden flowed from Eden; from there it was separated into four headwaters. 11 The name of the first is the Pishon; it winds through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold. 12 (The gold of that land is good; aromatic resin[a] and onyx are also there.) 13 The name of the second river is the Gihon; it winds through the entire land of Cush. 14 The name of the third river is the Tigris; it runs along the east side of Ashur. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

Life can get so full sometimes that it’s very easy to forget what’s really important. I tend to forget that my source of hope, rest and life is found in Jesus and unless I return to Him each day I’ll eventually run out of steam – or worse – fall into sin or take the wrong path in life.

This passage tells of four lands and the amazing things that can be found there. Adam was to explore and use these lands but his home was Eden – where God would walk with him in the cool of the day (Gen 3:8-9). The “source” for these other lands was the river that flowed from one place. Eden – where God was.

What a great picture. Go and explore! But always come back to Jesus, our source.

Jesus, my source and my goal. Grant me the courage to go and explore, and the wisdom to always come back to my You, my home.


Written by Boudy VanNoppen

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