Wednesday 23 September , 2015

Genesis‬ ‭5:25-32‬

25 Methuselah lived 187 years. Then he became the father of Lamech. 26 Methuselah lived 782 years after Lamech was born. He also had other sons and daughters. 27 Methuselah lived a total of 969 years. And then he died. 28 Lamech lived 182 years. Then he had a son 29 and named him Noah. Lamech said, “He will comfort us when we are working. He’ll comfort us when our hands work so hard they hurt. We have to work hard because the Lord put a curse on the ground.” 30 Lamech lived 595 years after Noah was born. He also had other sons and daughters. 31 Lamech lived a total of 777 years. And then he died. 32 After Noah was 500 years old, he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth.

On first look there is nothing I take personally out of this passage. But as I look again, Noah’s name is interesting – relief, comfort. Lamech was tired from his work. Family and friends are a gift to give us rest from our work. We need to relish our relationships otherwise our work will consume us with pain and frustration.

“Lord, you have made us for relationships. May we ‘work to live’ and do so with honour and as much joy as possible. But may we never ‘live to work’ lest we destroy our lives with pain and frustration. Amen”

Written by Andrew Mellor

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  1. David Newton says:

    The reality is long working hours and high stress employment does have an effect on a persons health, family and spiritual life. Australia is considered a particularly hardworking country and many of us face theses exact issues.
    Thanks Andrew we would all do well to think carefully about what you have said.

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