Thursday 1 October, 2015

Genesis 9:1-7

9 Then God blessed Noah and his sons. He said to them, “Have children so that there are many of you. Fill the earth. 2 All the land animals will be afraid of you. All the birds in the sky will be afraid of you. Every creature that moves along the ground will be afraid of you. So will every fish in the seas. Every living thing is put under your control. 3 Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. I have already given you the green plants for food. Now I am giving you everything. 4 “But you must not eat meat that still has blood in it. 5 I will certainly hold someone accountable if you are murdered. I will even hold animals accountable if they kill you. I will also hold anyone accountable who murders another person. 6 “Anyone who murders a human being will be killed by a human being. That is because I have made human beings so that they are like me. 7 “Have children so that there will be many of you. Multiply and become many on the earth.”

The flood has finally receded. God has preserved Noah’s family and the animals.

They are now stepping out in a totally new world. All previous human race and life forms have been wiped out.  The barren land ahead of them must have caused fear and apprehension how, can these 4 families start all over again?

But nothing can be more assuring than to hear God speaking, blessing them to be fruitful and increase in numbers.  God even put a fear on the animals so that they will not harm Noah’s families.  God has also now given everything that lives and moves as food for them; presumably the next harvest is still a long way ahead

As children of the Most High God, we can have the same assurance as Noah. Any change in circumstances in our lives will not alter a single bit of the love He has for us. He will always provide for all our needs.

Father in heaven, I thank you that You are always with us. Even when we are in a ‘flood’ situation, we need not fear. We know in whatever ‘flood’ we are in, you will eventually land us on solid ground. Amen.

Written by Shin Liu

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