Friday 16 October, 2015

Genesis 15:1-6

15 Some time later, Abram had a vision. The Lord said to him, “Abram, do not be afraid. I am like a shield to you. I am your very great reward.” 2 But Abram said, “Lord and King, what can you give me? I still don’t have any children. My servant Eliezer comes from Damascus. When I die, he will get everything I own.” 3 Abram continued, “You haven’t given me any children. So this servant of mine will get everything I own.” 4 Then a message from the Lord came to Abram. The Lord said, “When you die, what you have will not go to this man. You will have a son of your own. He will get everything you have.” 5 The Lord took Abram outside and said, “Look up at the sky. Count the stars, if you can.” Then he said to him, “That’s how many children will be born into your family.” 6 Abram believed the Lord. The Lord was pleased with Abram because he believed. So Abram’s faith made him right with the Lord.

I’ve just finished repairing the turbo on my brother-in-law’s car. Turbos always take time to “spool up” and deliver power to the wheels. It’s called turbo lag. Faith can be like that sometimes. Where we doubt and question Gods promises or even His ability or willingness to answer our prayers.

Not so with Abram! There was no turbo lag in this guy – God said it so that’s that!

I wonder how Abram got that kind I faith and how I can get it too. I wonder if it was past failures in his faith. Or maybe it was a “default setting” in his heart ie “if God says something to me I’ll believe it – no matter how crazy it is – because it’s God who said it”

However Abram got it, God was impressed and considered him righteous because of his faith. Staggering! And this is the forerunner to my eternity – that I am made right before God not because of what I do but because of faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for me. (Rom3:22)

Oh Lord, may there be not even a nano second of lag in my faith.  If you said it I believe it!


Written by Boudy van Noppen

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  1. Andrew Mellor says:

    I love the images there Boudy. Helps me see more clearly the kind of faith I want to exhibit too

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