Sunday 25 October, 2015

Why put this story in? What does it tell me about God?

It tells me:
1. That God is a relational God who is concerned for his people. He remained with Abraham. And He conversed with Abraham.
2. He is not offended by questions. He likes an inquisitive mind. And He likes to reveal who He is to his people.
3. He is patient. He does not mind lots of questions that seem almost exactly the same. And to us they can sound accusatory. But God does not seem offended but simply and patiently answers the questions, because He has no shame and nothing to hide.
4. His ways are righteous and just. He is compassionate and merciful. No matter the ratio of wicked to innocents, Gods way stay the same, He will spare the innocent.
My response:
God thank you that you want to relate to me too. Help me to remain with you and converse with you. Help me to know I can ask you anything. Help me to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit and hear what you have to say. Thank you that I can know that your ways are always just and righteous. And that you are compassionate and merciful.

Written by Zoe Stewart

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