Monday 14 December, 2015

Genesis 35:27-29

27 Jacob came home to his father Isaac in Mamre. Mamre is near Kiriath Arba, where Abraham and Isaac had stayed. The place is also called Hebron. 28 Isaac lived 180 years. 29 Then he took his last breath and died. He was very old when he joined the members of his family who had already died. His sons Esau and Jacob buried him.

The twilight years of Isaac’s life are not detailed in scripture, but here is a short and factual reference to the end of his life on earth.

The privilege of living a long life in the land promised to Abraham and his descendants would not have been lost on Isaac, especially since he almost had a much shorter life (Genesis 22). The honour of being buried by both of his sons after they had been reconciled to one another would have been something he appreciated.

12 months ago my grandfather passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease and this Bible passage makes me think about what I could have done to make the elder years of my grandfather’s life more focused on God, rather than his comfort and worldly needs.

I hope and pray that as I get older, I can continue to serve God fully and passionately.

Lord, thank you for the wisdom and experience of those around me who are older. May I always value and help to facilitate their worship, service and love of you.

Written by Ps. Justin Ware

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