Sunday 13 March, 2016

Jesus gave, and it was. Jesus said, and so it happened. I am struck by the faith that Jesus had in His disciples to release them into ministry using His name and authority. He knew that they wouldn’t get it right 100% of the time, He knew they would faulter and err, as all humans do. Yet He still entrusted them with His own power, and willingly released and enabled them to go forth and minister to others in His name. And they did! The disciples took this charge and ran with it. They set out and did as they were asked by Jesus, without any comforts or even necessities.

To me, the lesson is two-fold. Am I, like Jesus, releasing, enabling, and entrusting others to help them rise to their full potential? Even knowing that they won’t get it exactly right or perfect, I need to be seeing the potential in those around me, and encouraging them on as we seek together to share the good news of Jesus with others. Am I, like the disciples, trusting in the authority, power & name of Jesus as has been given to me, even when the call seems hard, uncomfortable or even just new and different?

May I be confident in the call and direction that I have received from Jesus, knowing that through His power and authority I can do all things He asks, and encourage and release others along the way to do the same.

Thank you Lord that you are the giver of all things, that you hold no good thing back from us. May we rely upon your authority and power each day, as we live out our calling and encourage others to rely on you in the same way.

Written by Ps. Madelaine Tarasenko

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