Tuesday 15 March, 2016

In this passage we find Jesus and the disciples with a huge crowd of followers. They were so desperate for more of Jesus that they had followed him to a remote place (v12), and hadn’t considered their need for a meal! We aren’t told whether the crowd was concerned or not, but we know that the disciples definitely were. However, Jesus wasn’t concerned.

Often I find that following Jesus leads me to what I would consider to be a remote place – whether that’s a place where I feel alone, a place where the elements are harsh, or a place where there seems to be no means of provision. But in these moments I need to keep learning to switch on my faith and cast away fear. I’m with Jesus – my source and my strength, my provider, my friend. The truth is, once we have Jesus in our hearts, we are never alone, never lost, and we have all that we need.

Jesus, I love You with all my heart. Thank You for leading me and for being my constant companion and friend. You are an amazing provider, gracious and faithful in all Your ways. Help me to remember this each day, and to never let the remote places make me lose sight of You.

Written by Matt Samperi

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