Monday 9 May, 2016

In this passage the people of religious authority, those most threatened by Jesus’ influence, question Jesus and seek to undermine Him. These people are clearly in opposition to Jesus and outweigh Him in terms of numbers (priests, scribes and elders). Jesus is not threatened or defensive, He simply answers their question with another question. He diffuses the situation with words too wise and timely to be of human origin.

How encouraging and awe-inspiring this brief passage is. Jesus cannot be tricked or manipulated and there is no situation too sticky for the wisdom of God. God’s wisdom is beautiful in its simplicity. I take heart that my God cannot ever be outwitted or thwarted by human or supernatural agents. I take heart that the same God who made His own way out of this situation, will help me and provide me with the wisdom I need.

God, please help me to trust your wisdom and call upon it whenever and wherever I am in need. May the beauty of your wisdom be on display in my life. Amen.

Written by Beth Waugh

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