Saturday 18 June, 2016

Acts 3:17-26

17 “My fellow Israelites, I know you didn’t realize what you were doing. Neither did your leaders. 18 But God had given a promise through all the prophets. And this is how he has made his promise come true. He said that his Messiah would suffer. 19 So turn away from your sins. Turn to God. Then your sins will be wiped away. The time will come when the Lord will make everything new. 20 He will send the Messiah. Jesus has been appointed as the Messiah for you. 21 Heaven must receive him until the time when God makes everything new. He promised this long ago through his holy prophets. 22 Moses said, ‘The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me. He will be one of your own people. You must listen to everything he tells you. 23 Anyone who does not listen to him will be completely cut off from their people.’ (Deuteronomy 18:15,18,19) 24 “Beginning with Samuel, all the prophets spoke about this. They said these days would come. 25 What the prophets said was meant for you. The covenant God made with your people long ago is yours also. He said to Abraham, ‘All nations on earth will be blessed through your children.’ (Genesis 22:18; 26:4) 26 God raised up Jesus, who serves him. God sent him first to you. He did it to bless you. He wanted to turn each of you from your evil ways.”

Peter is in the middle of an address to an amazed crowd, amazed because a grown man, who has been unable to use his legs since birth, is now leaping around and praising God. Peter has just told the crowd ” it’s not us who have any power to do these things, it’s because of the power of Jesus”. He then takes the opportunity to tell them who this powerful Jesus is. And we come in half way through this for the crux of the message. Here is my paraphrase “Jesus, the one who you put to death because you were ignorant of who he was, let there be no mistake, he is the Messiah we have been waiting for. The one the prophets spoke of (and he lists a number) and the seed of Abraham whom we have been waiting for. Jesus is He. So repent and believe and receive times of refreshing through his presence”.

It is so good to be reminded that Jesus is the promised messiah and saviour. He is the one that the prophets and the scriptures foretold. This passage sent me looking at timelines of these prophecies, right from the start (from the most ancient time in the memory of man) these prophecies have been given. And there are so many. And Jesus fulfils ALL of the prophecies, great and small. There is no doubt who he is. He is in the line of Abraham, he is the one promised in the covenant of blessing, he is the Messiah.

Jesus thank you that I can be certain of who you are. I praise you for being my Saviour and Messiah. Thank you that I can live in a constant flow of your refreshment, through the presence of your Holy Spirit. Help me, to be like Peter, taking every opportunity to witness you in both powerful deed and word.

Written by Zoe Stewart

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