Wednesday 10 August, 2016

Acts 18:24-28

24 At that time a Jew named Apollos came to Ephesus. He was an educated man from Alexandria. He knew the Scriptures very well. 25 Apollos had been taught the way of the Lord. He spoke with great power. He taught the truth about Jesus. But he only knew about John’s baptism. 26 He began to speak boldly in the synagogue. Priscilla and Aquila heard him. So they invited him to their home. There they gave him a better understanding of the way of God. 27 Apollos wanted to go to Achaia. The brothers and sisters agreed with him. They wrote to the believers there. They asked them to welcome him. When he arrived, he was a great help to those who had become believers by God’s grace. 28 In public meetings, he argued strongly against Jews who disagreed with him. He proved from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah.

Paul’s second ministry journey is over and Priscilla and Aquila have stayed behind in Ephesus. Apollos comes all the way from Egypt and is preaching about the way of the Lord in the synagogue when Priscilla and Aquila find him. It says that he spoke with boldness and accuracy but he didn’t know about the baptism of the spirit. They took him aside and taught him more accurate detail. After some time the Ephesian church sent him on to the church in Achaia with their recommendation and he was very effective.
The things that strike me here are that Apollos had learned about Jesus all the way down in Egypt and been moved to go and spread the word in far away places. Also that he preached with great accuracy but despite all this he was teachable. Not above being corrected by Priscilla and Aquila. This is a credit to him and also to them. The way they approached him must have been gracious, not offending or criticising but encouraging and perfecting his message.

Father God please help me to remain teachable and accept criticism. Guide me when I need to teach others, to do it in grace and with encouragement. May all of this be for your glory and for those who need to know your truth. Amen.

Written by Dimity Milne

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