Monday 12 September, 2016

1 Samuel 1:21-28

21 Elkanah went up to Shiloh to offer the yearly sacrifice to the Lord. He also went there to keep a promise he had made. His whole family went with him. 22 But Hannah didn’t go. She said to her husband, “When the boy doesn’t need me to breast-feed him anymore, I’ll take him to the Lord’s house. I’ll give him to the Lord there. He’ll stay there for the rest of his life.” 23 Her husband Elkanah told her, “Do what you think is best. Stay here at home until Samuel doesn’t need you to breast-feed him anymore. May the Lord make his promise to you come true.” So Hannah stayed home. She breast-fed her son until he didn’t need her milk anymore. 24 When the boy didn’t need her to breast-feed him anymore, she took him with her to Shiloh. She took him there even though he was still very young. She brought him to the Lord’s house. She brought along a bull that was three years old. She brought 36 pounds of flour. She also brought a bottle of wine. The bottle was made out of animal skin. 25 After the bull was sacrificed, Elkanah and Hannah brought the boy to Eli. 26 Hannah said to Eli, “Pardon me, sir. I’m the woman who stood here beside you praying to the Lord. And that’s just as sure as you are alive. 27 I prayed for this child. The Lord has given me what I asked him for. 28 So now I’m giving him to the Lord. As long as he lives he’ll be given to the Lord.” And there Eli worshiped the Lord.

It’s interesting to see what amazing stories there are about the lives of some of the giants of the Old Testament. This is part of the story for Samuel. As you have read over the last couple of days, Hannah had not been able to have children, she regularly was subjected to ridicule in this regard by those around her and she finally collapsed before God, acknowledging her sadness and asking for His help.

In this passage we hear that God answered her desperate prayer. Once the baby was born Hannah didn’t forget that it was by God’s hand that Samuel was born. We see that she remained committed to do what she had promised God she would do – to give Samuel to the Lord for his life – even though he was her baby. Then we see that she did follow through and gave the child to the people at the Temple – in particular Eli.

Do we take those issues causing us pain before God? Are we honest about how we feel? Do we acknowledge we need God’s help? Do we follow through? It can be difficult – we forget what we discussed in prayer or life just takes over and the matter gets sorted and we don’t say thank you. Hannah’s connection with God, her acknowledgement of her need for God’s help and her follow through set the scene for Samuel’s amazing life. Who would he have been if his mother had been someone else?

Lord help us to rely on You, to bring our heart’s desires to You, to seek Your help instead of trying to fix things ourselves. Help us to remember Your assistance and to live our lives in obedience. Thank You for Your help and Your interest in all of our lives.

Written by Therese Manning

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  1. Claire Moore says:

    Yes such a heart of thankfulness that she gave up this beloved boy. But what would God’s people have done without such a wise leader/ prophet?? Just like when he chose Mary, Hannah was God’s perfect choice. And God himself made a huge sacrifice for us when he gave up his only son to die in our place. Thank you

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