Tuesday 27 September, 2016

1 Samuel 9:11-26

11 They were going up the hill toward the town. Along the way they met some young women who were coming out to get water from the well. Saul and his servant asked them, “Is the seer here?” 12 “Yes, he is,” they answered. “In fact, he’s just up ahead of you. So hurry along. He has just come to our town today. The people are going to offer a sacrifice at the high place where they worship. 13 As soon as you enter the town, you will find him. He’ll be there until he goes up to the high place to eat. The people won’t start eating until he gets there. He must bless the sacrifice first. After that, those who are invited will eat. So go on up. You should find him there just about now.” 14 They went up to the town. As they were entering it, they saw Samuel. He was coming toward them. He was on his way up to the high place. 15 The Lord had spoken to Samuel the day before Saul came. He had said, 16 “About this time tomorrow I will send you a man. He is from the land of Benjamin. Anoint him to be the king of my people Israel. He will save them from the power of the Philistines. I have seen how much my people are suffering. Their cry for help has reached me.” 17 When Samuel saw a man coming toward him, the Lord spoke to Samuel again. He said, “He is the man I told you about. His name is Saul. He will govern my people.” 18 Saul approached Samuel at the gate of the town. He asked Samuel, “Can you please show me the seer’s house?” 19 “I’m the seer,” Samuel replied. “Go on up to the high place ahead of me. I want you and your servant to eat with me today. Tomorrow morning I’ll tell you what’s on your mind. Then I’ll send you on your way. 20 Don’t worry about the donkeys you lost three days ago. They’ve already been found. But who do all the Israelites want? You and your father’s whole family!” 21 Saul answered, “But I’m from the tribe of Benjamin. It’s the smallest tribe in Israel. And my family group is the least important in the whole tribe of Benjamin. So why are you saying that to me?” 22 Then Samuel brought Saul and his servant into the room where they would be eating. He seated them at the head table. About 30 people had been invited. 23 Samuel said to the cook, “Bring the piece of meat I gave you. It’s the one I told you to put to one side.” 24 So the cook went and got a choice piece of thigh. He set it in front of Saul. Samuel said, “Here is what has been kept for you. Eat it. It was put to one side for you for this special occasion. We’ve saved it for you ever since I invited the guests.” And Saul ate with Samuel that day. 25 They came down from the high place to the town. After that, Samuel talked with Saul on the roof of Samuel’s house. 26 The next day they got up at about the time the sun was rising. Samuel called out to Saul on the roof. He said, “Get ready. Then I’ll send you on your way.” So Saul got ready. And he and Samuel went outside together.

Saul and his servant have spent 3 days looking for lost donkeys and decide to visit a nearby prophet for help. They ask for directions and find the Prophet Samuel. But before Saul approaches, God has already revealed to Samuel that he was to anoint Saul leader over Israel.

Saul, completely overwhelmed, will end up leaving Samuel with the kingship of Israel, having only come looking for donkey’s.

The challenge of this passage to me is:

  1. Who I am in Christ? (How do I see myself?)
  2. Do I 100% believe what God says to me by His servant?
  3. Do I always give the right advice to my boss/friends/people?

Dear Lord, you are the king of kings, lord of lords. You knew everything before it happens. You knew me before I was formed in the womb. And even the very hairs of my head are all numbered. Thank you for choosing me as your child.

Help me to think of myself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith You have distributed to me. Amen.

Written by Allen Leu

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  1. Richard says:

    It is too easy to read this story with hindsight, where we know that Saul has fallen. Yet here he is being anointed for his kingship. He is humble, in a sense disbelieving that he could be chosen to lead the nation.

    He is seeking the seer, Samuel, but in fact Samuel is seeking. Him at the behest of God.

    Samuel is obedient to the Lord. He pulls Saul aside and has a meal with him. God had set this up and Samuel remains attentive to the Lord’s voice listening to ensure that it is indeed Saul that the Lord has chosen.

    What do I do when I sense the Lord has spoken to me? Do I remain attentive for what next He may say? Do I just go ahead, because God told me so? Clearly their are times I need to simply strike out, but there are other times he has given me information not instructions and I need to discern the difference. When the Lord gives information I need to ask for His instructions about the tin formation, it may be to speak to some, it may be to pray for someone, it may be…

    Father help me to understand Your voice to me that I may walk the walk of faith.

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