Wednesday 2 November, 2016

1 Samuel 31:1-13

After Samuel, brought up by a medium-woman, told Saul that the Lord would hand both Israel and him to the Philistines, Saul knew he would be defeated the next day.

To avoid being abused and run through by Philistines, Saul asks his armor-bearer to draw his sword and run him through. But, the armor-bearer was terrified and would NOT do what his master asked. So, in the end, Saul takes his own sword and fell on it.

What a tragedy for the first King of Israel! Saul was the chosen one to save Israel from their enemies. But when he disobeyed God, God turned away from him. In contrast is the disobedience of Saul’s armor-bearer, who refused to use the sword to run his master through. They were totally different from each other.

One disobeyed the Lord’s order and the other disobeyed man’s order, but did obey God’s order: murder being wrong, especially as “Saul is the anointed of the Lord “.

The challenge of this passage for me is:

  1. Do I always obey God’s commands?
  2. Do I obey man/boss’s orders more than God’s order/will?
  3. How many times, do I care about losing-my-face more than losing-God’s-face?

Dear Lord, you are King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Nothing is more important than obeying your word. Because you said: To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams. Help me to follow your word and listen to you all the times. Amen.

Written by Allen Leu

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