Friday 4 November, 2016

David writes a song to commemorate King Saul and his son Jonathan’s lives and the loss of them. Loss is part of life and grief is an appropriate response. Despite the history between Saul and David – this honouring of Saul in death is another reminder of David’s respect for God’s chosen King.

Given their history – David could have danced for joy that Saul – who caused him great pain and confusion – was no more – but he chooses to honour him. Wow – integrity. Whenever someone chooses God’s response over their own personal opinion formed by experience – God is honoured!

Lord – help me see with your eyes and your perspective – choosing honour over judgement and grace over revenge. Everyday I get to choose how I treat people. Don’t give up on me God – keep whispering to me Holy Spirit – so I can live and love the way you do.

Written by Ps. Linda Quinn

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