Sunday 6 November, 2016

2 Samuel 2:12-32

How can I interpret this passage? How can I make sense of such violence within a country? These were not foreign enemies fighting over some great wrong, but fellow Israelites, sons of Abraham. Earlier in the passage Abner is encouraging a battle between the men and yet several verses later he is reluctant to kill Asahel and calls Joab to bring a halt to the fighting. It seems so absurd!

Yes God was with David and yes He was no doubt bringing about His purposes, but at the same time the God who knit each of these men together in his mother’s womb, the God who knew the number of hairs upon each fallen head… The God who would send His Son in order to bring an end to sin and death… God cannot have been rejoicing at the violence of His people.

I can only imagine God views our own time in the same way, delighting in good all over the world, watching His plans unfold, whilst at the same time grieving over wrongdoing and experiencing anger at the injustices. Yet He waits, allowing us our free will, in order that another person might come to know Him and enter His family for eternity. God, I cannot begin to understand you, but I’m thankful you are both strong and compassionate, fierce and loving. Help me to trust in your ultimate goodness when I cannot make sense of the world around me. Amen.

Written by Beth Waugh

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