Friday 13 January, 2017

This Psalm is a call for us to have the right picture of God. To understand His place in the world. It is good to be reminded of God’s power and His place. It is easy to get distracted.

He created this place and all of us. It is He we need to go to when things don’t make sense – they make sense to Him. Invite Him into your life. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Grow in your connection to the King of glory. Let Him into your life and the things you are facing. Join with Him as He fights the battles.

Thank You Lord – that You made the world; that You made us; that You are ready to enter in as King; that You are ready for battle; that You want us to be there beside You. Help us to have the right picture of You in our lives and to walk the path beside You each day. Amen

Written by Therese Manning

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