Wednesday 18 January, 2017

What a mighty Psalm.  You can hear the ‘roar’ of God.  When I was reading this a song came to mind…”oh how He loves us…”

His voice – echoes, is powerful, is majestic, splits the might cedars, strikes with bolts of lightning, rules…..  He is all powerful.

The one who spoke the world into being from nothing – can change every circumstance and situation that is before us.

The world would bring us a voice that would say we are out of control, there is no hope, there is wars and rumours of wars…..however we serve and we listen to HIM – our creator and Lord.

V 10  Above the floodwaters is God’s throne.  From which His power flows, From which He rules the world

V 11  God makes His people strong.   God gives His people peace

When my circumstances would tell me different to this Psalm….help me Lord to bathe myself in the knowledge and revelation that YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Help me to hear your voice above all others.

You have promised to give me peace and make me strong in the midst of my circumstances.

Lord take hold of my heart and help me to see you afresh today.

Written by Sue Botta

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