Wednesday 1 February, 2017

Galatians 1:6-10

6 I am amazed. You are so quickly deserting the one who chose you. He chose you to live in the grace that Christ has provided. You are turning to a different “good news.” 7 What you are accepting is really not the good news at all. It seems that some people have gotten you all mixed up. They are trying to twist the good news about Christ. 8 But suppose even we should preach a different “good news.” Suppose even an angel from heaven should preach it. Suppose it is different from the good news we gave you. Then let anyone who does that be cursed by God. 9 I have already said it. Now I will say it again. Suppose someone preaches a “good news” that is different from what you accepted. That person should be cursed by God. 10 Am I now trying to get people to think well of me? Or do I want God to think well of me? Am I trying to please people? If I were, I would not be serving Christ.

Paul doesn’t waste much time. 5 verses of heart-felt greetings and then, bang! “What are you guys doing?” This, pretty much, sets up the focus and purpose of the letter – to get the Galatians back to the truth that “a person is made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ, not by of obeying the law” (see Gal 3:16)

I can feel Paul’s love for the Galatians Christians by the language he uses in this passage. Calling a curse on someone is pretty extreme. But it highlights the price Jesus paid to save the people Paul cares about and has been nurturing and teaching. Someone else is leading them away from not only the wonderful truth of the gospel but also Jesus himself.

What leads me away from Jesus? What causes me to take steps away from him? Is it the TV or movies or relationships? What would Paul have to say to me to get me back on track with Jesus?

Lord Jesus, you are the best thing in my life. May I be as brutal with myself at defending my relationship with you as Paul was with his beloved Galatians.


Written by Boudy VanNoppen

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