Monday 27 March, 2017

1 Corinthians 3:10-15

In our lives many different types of voices have the potential to contribute to our discipleship journey. From the types of preaching that we listen to, to our daily Bible study, to podcasts, television, to the conversation we had after church last week – these are a few simple examples from the multitude of possible influences that can build and shape our Christian lives.

Paul is acutely aware that numerous influences other than him have been contributing shoddy workmanship to the Corinthian Church in his absence – these contributions are like poor quality, low strength, flammable construction materials (wood, hay, straw v12). He warns them with a simple criteria for considering the worth of any teaching (and teachers) they receive (see v13-15).

Paul calls us to attention. What types of spiritual influences do you encounter and how do they integrate into your spiritual ‘building’? Are the influences light weight? Vapid? Populist? Shallow? Self-focused? Or, are the influences we permit to prevail in our lives high quality like precious stones, gold, silver? Are these influences consistent with Jesus our foundation?

Jesus, help me to recognise the good stuff that will make my life of discipleship like a high value, beautifully designed building. Strong, fire resistant, carefully crafted. Thank you for being the master craftsman. Amen.

Written by Sam Stewart

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