Thursday 6 April, 2017

Paul continues answering the Corinthians original question in 7:1 – speaking to singles, widows and married believers alike about their relationships with each other. These new believers in Corinth had a lot of baggage from their pagan past and so from Chapter 5 through 7 Paul is trying to address how to now live a godly life.

Paul is giving us godly guidelines, whether married or unmarried, as to what God originally intended between men and women; commitment, loyalty and sexual passion within marriage. In whatever situation we find ourselves as believers, self-control is a basic foundation to be able live our best life. This is just as relevant now in our time as it was for the Corinthians. We are not just to live for self, live in the moment to gratify our own desires how and when we please, but self-control is a godly principal by which all our life relationships will benefit from. In all the relationships that Paul describes, he is also urging us to think of others relationship and not just ourselves.

Jesus, thank you that you care so much about our most intimate desires and relationships. Continue to help us control our desires so that whether single or married our lives will bring glory to you. Amen

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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