Saturday 20 May, 2017

2 Corinthians 10:12-18

12 I don’t dare to compare myself with those who praise themselves. I’m not that kind of person. They measure themselves by themselves. They compare themselves with themselves. When they do that, they are not wise. 13 But I won’t brag more than I should. God himself has given me an opportunity for serving. I will only brag about what I have done with that opportunity. This opportunity for serving also includes you. 14 I am not going too far in my bragging. I would be going too far if I hadn’t come to where you live. But I did get there with the good news about Christ. 15 And I won’t brag about work done by others. If I did, I would be bragging more than I should. As your faith continues to grow, I hope that my work among you will greatly increase. 16 Then I will be able to preach the good news in the areas beyond you. I don’t want to brag about work already done in someone else’s territory. 17 But, “The one who brags should brag about what the Lord has done.” (Jeremiah 9:24) 18 Those who praise themselves are not accepted. Those the Lord praises are accepted.

How great is our God. He makes the sun to rise every day and sets the stars in place each night for our enjoyment. He sends the rain and provides again and again and again. He give the exact amount of oxygen so we can breathe and surrounds it perfectly with nitrogen so we don’t explode and catch fire. He places us in families and surrounds us with love and people to love. He gives us work to do – good work, fun tasks that were tailor made for us to do before the world began.  He gives us commands that show how indescribably generous he is. Commands like “take a rest once a week” and “do not fear – I am with you.”

But greatest of all, He has given up his Son – to die so I could live. The greatest gift He could possibly give. The greatest gift the world has ever known.

If there is to be any boasting (v17) let it be of this God, who is great beyond words! Amen

Written by Boudy van Noppen

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