Wednesday 31 May, 2017

Romans 2:1-11

2 If you judge someone else, you have no excuse for it. When you judge another person, you are judging yourself. You do the same things you blame others for doing. 2 We know that when God judges those who do evil things, he judges fairly. 3 Though you are only a human being, you judge others. But you yourself do the same things. So how do you think you will escape when God judges you? 4 Do you disrespect God’s great kindness and favor? Do you disrespect God when he is patient with you? Don’t you realize that God’s kindness is meant to turn you away from your sins? 5 But you are stubborn. In your heart you are not sorry for your sins. You are storing up anger against yourself. The day of God’s anger is coming. Then his way of judging fairly will be shown. 6 God “will pay back each person in keeping with what they have done.” (Psalm 62:12; Proverbs 24:12) 7 God will give eternal life to those who keep on doing good. They want glory, honor, and life that never ends. 8 But there are others who only look out for themselves. They don’t accept the truth. They go astray. God will pour out his great anger on them. 9 There will be trouble and suffering for everyone who does evil. That is meant first for the Jews. It is also meant for the Gentiles. 10 But there will be glory, honor and peace for everyone who does good. That is meant first for the Jews. It is also meant for the Gentiles. 11 God treats everyone the same.

This passage is straight to the point. It gives us a clear eternal perspective on salvation and the freedom and grace we have in Jesus. On the other hand, it is confronting and heart-breaking when we are reminded what will happen to those without faith in Him.

I am particularly drawn to vs 4 which says, “Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant and patient God is with you?” I am so thankful that God is kind, tolerant and patient towards a sinner like myself, and am reminded to be the same towards those around me. Particularly those away from Christ. I don’t want the people I love to experience God’s anger and wrath for refusing to obey Him (vs 7). So in reading these verses I ask myself, “What am I doing right now to bring others closer to Christ?” This is the eternal perspective that I want to hold onto every day. This is what matters most.

God, thank You for saving me. Thank You that because of Jesus, I can turn from my sin and experience Your kindness and patience. Please help me to have an eternal perspective towards those around me and give me courage to do what You call me to. In Jesus’ name.

Written by Laura Samperi

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