Monday 19 June, 2017

Paul is heartbroken over his people Israel. He desperately wants them to wake up and see that they are separated from God and they have rejected the messiah, Jesus Christ.

We read of the depth of his love and despair when Paul says that he would rather be cursed if only he could spare his people Israel.

This is a very noble and heart-felt claim, and not one that I could honestly say that I would make. It shows how deeply burdened Paul was for his people.

I think the closest that I have ever come to feeling like that is on behalf of my children – wishing I could take their pain in order to spare them.

Fortunately for us, this kind of self-sacrifice on behalf of another is not possible nor is it necessary. There is One who has already been cursed by God in order that our friends and family might be saved.

How grateful I am today that Jesus Christ has given His life for us. It’s not up to me to save my friends and family – He has done it all, and I only need to point the way to Jesus.

Written by Shelley Witt

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