Monday 26 June, 2017

Romans 11:25-36

25 Brothers and sisters, here is a mystery I want you to understand. It will keep you from being proud. Part of Israel has refused to obey God. That will continue until the full number of Gentiles has entered God’s kingdom. 26 In this way all Israel will be saved. It is written, “The God who saves will come from Mount Zion. He will remove sin from Jacob’s family. 27 Here is my covenant with them. I will take away their sins.” (Isaiah 59:20,21; 27:9; Jeremiah 31:33,34) 28 As far as the good news is concerned, the people of Israel are enemies. This is for your good. But as far as God’s choice is concerned, the people of Israel are loved. This is because of God’s promises to the founders of our nation. 29 God does not take back his gifts. He does not change his mind about those he has chosen. 30 At one time you did not obey God. But now you have received mercy because Israel did not obey. 31 In the same way, Israel has not been obeying God. But now they receive mercy because of God’s mercy to you. 32 God has found everyone guilty of not obeying him. So now he can have mercy on everyone. Praise to God 33 How very rich are God’s wisdom and knowledge! How he judges is more than we can understand! The way he deals with people is more than we can know! 34 “Who can ever know what the Lord is thinking? Or who can ever give him advice?” (Isaiah 40:13) 35 “Has anyone ever given anything to God, so that God has to pay them back?” (Job 41:11) 36 All things come from him. All things are directed by him. All things are for his praise. May God be given the glory forever! Amen.

God’s plan. Often when I think about God’s plan, I immediately think about God’s plan for my life. What does he have planned for my family, for my career, for my ministry…etc.

Here is God’s plan – to have mercy on all, so that some might respond to his grace and become His people. He has not forgotten the Jews and He has shown he cares just as much about the rest of the world as well (Gentiles).

God’s plan is global, spans all history and will not be thwarted. His wisdom in carrying it out is perfect but unsearchable. Does God have a plan for my life? Yes!

But it only makes sense in the context of this big plan.

Lord, you love me, care for me, search for me. But you have made me part of a plan that is far bigger than me.

Written by Andrew Mellor

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  1. Linda Quinn says:

    36 All things come from him. All things are directed by him. All things are for his praise. May God be given the glory forever!

    Your sovereignty God is so comforting. Help me remember that You are in charge – You are directing all things. I can’t see the big picture – help me keep my eyes steadfastly on You – so that when the world around me shakes – I will be on solid ground – eyes fixed on you – heart confident that You are in control and I don’t have to be afraid or take charge.

  2. Justin James Ware says:

    Verse 25 opens with “here is a mystery that I want you to understand.”

    So often I flip between the extremes when it comes to wanting to know God – either I want to completely hold the rules and rationale of how he operates, or I just want to push away my responsibility in understanding Him by saying – “this is too complex – God is just mysterious and I’ll never understand.”

    This verse though hints that neither approach is correct. I am reminded today afresh that I need to both accept the majesty and complexity and mystery of His ways, and also continue to always seek Him and strive to know Him, even if that knowing is only a fragment of His whole. In further reflecting, I am reminded that God is not a system of rules and formulae – He is a personal being and as such the knowing and understanding that we have of him is relational, not functionally driven.

    Lord, thankyou that your word is alive and reveals not only who you are, but also who I am in you.

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