Tuesday 4 July, 2017

Romans 15:1-6

15 We who have strong faith should help the weak with their problems. We should not please only ourselves. 2 Each of us should please our neighbors. Let us do what is good for them in order to build them up. 3 Even Christ did not please himself. It is written, “The bad things people have said about you have been aimed at me also.” (Psalm 69:9) 4 Everything written in the past was written to teach us. The Scriptures give us strength to go on. They encourage us and give us hope. 5 Our God is a God who strengthens and encourages you. May he give you the same attitude toward one another that Christ Jesus had. 6 Then you can give glory to God with one mind and voice. He is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you ever been on a team with a ‘ball hog’? There’s always that one person. They never pass the ball, they go for glory alone and usually fail. Watching these people is sometimes funny, but usually frustrating! ‘Ball hogs’ are a killer for team spirit because they are thinking about themselves and not the team.

‘Ball hogs’ among God’s people destroy unity because they’re all about themselves – their reputation, their friendship circle and their enjoyment. Stop for a moment. Have you ever been that person? I have. And it hurts to acknowledge it, even the subtle selfish intentions. God wants us to love each other by humbling ourselves and valuing the needs of others. This is most clearly seen in the example of Jesus who laid down his glory, his comfort and his reputation for our salvation (v3). God calls us to have the heart of Christ, to be team players. To go low and lift others up for their good, to build them up (v2).

Maybe take a moment to reflect, am I neglecting the needs of others for my own agenda?

Holy Spirit, I pray that you would tenderly peel back the true intentions of my heart and reveal to me where I am neglecting the needs of others for my own agenda. Help me have a heart like Christ that lays down my agenda to build others up. I pray that as I do this God would be glorified. Amen.

Written by Samuel Liu

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