Thursday 20 July, 2017

Psalm 52

For the director of music. A maskil of David when Doeg, who was from Edom, had gone to Saul. Doeg had told Saul, “David has gone to the house of Ahimelek.” 1 You think you are such a big, strong man! Why do you brag about the evil things you’ve done? You are a dishonor to God all the time. 2 You plan ways to destroy others. Your tongue is like a blade that has a sharp edge. You are always telling lies. 3 You love evil instead of good. You would rather lie than tell the truth. 4 You love to harm others with your words, you liar! 5 So God will destroy you forever. He will grab you and pluck you from your tent. He will remove you from this life. 6 Those who do what is right will see it and learn a lesson from it. They will laugh at you and say, 7 “Just look at this fellow! He didn’t depend on God for his safety. He put his trust in all his wealth. He grew strong by destroying others!” 8 But I am like a healthy olive tree. My roots are deep in the house of God. I trust in your faithful love for ever and ever. 9 I will praise you forever for what you have done. I will praise you when I’m with your faithful people. I will put my hope in you because you are good.

How good is olive oil! It’s good in salads, you can cook with it, it has anti-oxidants and many health benefits.

David, it verse 8 of this Psalm, says that he is like a olive tree that is thriving in the house of God. What a beautiful analogy of what happens to us as we allow our roots to go down deep into Jesus, his unfailing love for us and his church.

There are deeper implications in this verse though. David isn’t talking about an single olive or one jar of olive oil. He’s talking about a tree! He’s talking about a continuous, generous supply of oil that just keeps flowing while the tree stays grounded deep in God. It’s a picture of the love and blessing and healing that the Holy Spirit flows through us to help and bless others. It’s a tree!  It’s limitless and continuous and awesome and it’s through us!

Oh God thank you for your Holy Spirit. May my roots go deeper and deeper into your love. May this ‘tree’ bless those around me and bring you all the glory. Amen

Written by Boudy VanNoppen

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