Saturday 22 July, 2017

Psalm 54

For the director of music. To be played on stringed instruments. A maskil of David when the men from Ziph had gone to Saul. They had said, “Isn’t David hiding among us?” 1 God, save me by your power. Set me free by your might. 2 God, hear my prayer. Listen to what I’m saying. 3 Enemies who are proud are attacking me. Mean people are trying to kill me. They don’t care about God. 4 But I know that God helps me. The Lord is the one who keeps me going. 5 My enemies tell lies about me. Do to them the evil things they planned against me. God, be faithful and destroy them. 6 I will sacrifice an offering to you just because I choose to. Lord, I will praise your name because it is good. 7 You have saved me from all my troubles. With my own eyes I have seen you win the battle over my enemies.

Perspective always helps.

When I’m complaining to God, or simply telling him how I really feel, its easy to lose perspective.

Telling God to pay attention to my plea – I may not say that to God, but when there is no answer from God or any change in my circumstances, its how I feel.

But David pauses after v3 and says God is my helper, the one who keeps me alive.


Only God can help change circumstances, or change me in them. It is God who keeps me alive.

Over the past few years, I have wondered how we would make it. But we have, we are, we will, and it is only because of God. He has helped me, he helps us, he keeps me alive.

Instead of focusing on the problem, worship God. Remember what he has done, and what he will do, and worship him.

David shifts from saying what his problem is to saying what God will do as though it has happened.

We choose where our perspective comes from, either from the problem or from God who sustains us and keeps us alive.

Thank you Father, for sustaining me and keeping me alive. You have promised me to never leave me or forsake me, and my perspecitve is your promise to me.

Written by Andrew Martin

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  1. Linda Quinn says:

    Thanks Andrew – such a helpful reflection that I needed to hear today. Today I’m choosing to shift “from saying what my problem is to saying what God will do as though it has happened.” Like Abraham speaking that which is not yet as though it is! Lord keep my perspective You focussed!

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