Tuesday 1 August, 2017

I’m sure there are times in all our lives when we feel the universe is against us. Worse still, times when our misery is the direct result of someone else’s words and actions. What a comfort to know we can rest in peace with God as our defender. When we are under attack we need to come back in ‘the opposite spirit’. It would be easy to retaliate against lies/deception/ambushes with spitefulness or a desire to get even. But we are called to take our problems to God. Let Him fight for us. Pray for our enemies, find shelter in the greatness of God who is never taken in by deceit. We need to guard our spirit in these circumstances and let God guide us in wisdom and grace. The universe may seem against us but the creator of the universe is most definitely on our side!

Father God I ask for your protection over my life. Help me God to honour you in all I do and say. Help me to find my shelter in you. Lord I pray for anyone who lies or plots against me that they would see your Glory and repent. May they be blessed. I pray this in Jesus name Amen

Written by Christine Knight

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