Wednesday 6 September, 2017

Colossians 4:2-6

2 Give a lot of time and effort to prayer. Always be watchful and thankful. 3 Pray for us too. Pray that God will give us an opportunity to preach our message. Then we can preach the mystery of Christ. Because I preached it, I am being held by chains. 4 Pray that I will preach it clearly, as I should. 5 Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders. Make the most of every opportunity. 6 Let the words you speak always be full of grace. Learn how to make your words what people want to hear. Then you will know how to answer everyone.

“Devote yourselves to Prayer…” Paul gives us a brief master class in prayer.

Paul’s recommendation on the attitude of prayer:

  • be attentive (his words: watchful)
  • be thankful

This may take some practice, but it is pretty straight forward.

Paul’s focal points for prayer:

  • more opportunity for sharing the good news of Jesus,
  • good clarity when sharing about Jesus

Are we ready to follow Paul’s pattern here? Be warned, God has a habit of answering our prayers!

On the back of this prayer-request or prayer lesson, verses 5 and 6 summarise Paul’s attitude to public life:

  • be conscious of appearances,
  • be on the look out for sharing opportunities,
  • be gracious and relevant (salty)

This call to be a winsome and open person is not just a shallow maxim. The ultimate foundation of this idea is Jesus, the reason for everything, why we do what we do.

Lord, give us the boldness to pray prayers like Paul. We also need your boldness to follow through when the answer comes. Thank you for the adventure that you unfold in our lives everyday.  Amen.

Written by Sam Stewart

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  1. Justin Ware says:

    God has been speaking to me over the past week about the importance and power of prayer.

    Lord, I am yours and you are my Father.

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