Wednesday 13 September, 2017

Ephesians 2:1-10

2 You were living in your sins and lawless ways. But in fact you were dead. 2 You used to live as sinners when you followed the ways of this world. You served the one who rules over the spiritual forces of evil. He is the spirit who is now at work in those who don’t obey God. 3 At one time we all lived among them. Our desires were controlled by sin. We tried to satisfy what they wanted us to do. We followed our desires and thoughts. God was angry with us like he was with everyone else. That’s because of the kind of people we all were. 4 But God loves us deeply. He is full of mercy. 5 So he gave us new life because of what Christ has done. He gave us life even when we were dead in sin. God’s grace has saved you. 6 God raised us up with Christ. He has seated us with him in his heavenly kingdom. That’s because we belong to Christ Jesus. 7 He has done it to show the riches of his grace for all time to come. His grace can’t be compared with anything else. He has shown it by being kind to us. He was kind to us because of what Christ Jesus has done. 8 God’s grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift. 9 It is not based on anything you have done. No one can brag about earning it. 10 We are God’s creation. He created us to belong to Christ Jesus. Now we can do good works. Long ago God prepared these works for us to do.

This passage talks a lot about being saved.

When I need saving, my mind is pretty focused on what I need saving from. But it would probably be wise to ask about the rest of it. Being saved from the frying pan by being put in the fire may not be such a good deal. So what am I saved for?

I’m saved from death for a new life. That’s brilliant. I’m saved from living with the ruler of evil in his world to being lifted up to the heavenly kingdom to be seated with Christ. That’s even more brilliant. I’m saved from selfish pointlessness to having a purpose for which God explicitly made me. That sends a tingle down my spine.

The verbs that go with these things are all in the past tense. Though I’m still waiting to see all these things revealed, they are already done. It doesn’t depend on me (as though I could make it happen). It depends entirely on what he’s already done.

I just need to have faith and receive the gift God already has for me. I just need to have faith and step into the place that he has already prepared. Let’s go!

So come on God, what are the things you’ve prepared for me to do? Jesus said he did what he saw his father doing (John 5:19-21). So if I follow Jesus’ pattern, I need to walk with God to be in the right place. I need to watch what he’s doing and listen to what he’s saying to know what he’s doing. And do what he’s doing with him. It’s so like God that it’s all about the relationship with him.

Lord, where are you taking me today? I can’t wait to see what we do together.

Written by David Cornell

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