Wednesday 27 September, 2017

Ephesians 6:18-24

18 At all times, pray by the power of the Spirit. Pray all kinds of prayers. Be watchful, so that you can pray. Always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. 19 Pray also for me. Pray that whenever I speak, the right words will be given to me. Then I can be bold as I tell the mystery of the good news. 20 Because of the good news, I am being held by chains as the Lord’s messenger. So pray that I will be bold as I preach the good news. That’s what I should do. 21 Tychicus is a dear brother. He is faithful in serving the Lord. He will tell you everything about me. Then you will know how I am and what I am doing. 22 That’s why I am sending him to you. I want you to know how we are. And I want him to encourage you. 23 May God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give peace to the brothers and sisters. May they also give the believers love and faith. 24 May grace be given to everyone who loves our Lord Jesus Christ with a love that will never die.

In Verse 18, Paul encourages his readers to always be praying persistently, “at all times and on every occasion…for all believers everywhere”. This comes straight after the well-known passage about putting on the armour of God so that we may stand firm against the strategies of the devil, as “we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

God’s Word calls us not just to an agreement in our minds, but an agreement with our lives. When Paul says that we’re fighting a battle we cannot see and that prayer is one of the key weapons, we can’t simply agree with it – we must actually engage in prayer! This is what encourages me afresh today – a reminder to pray for fellow believers and that such prayers make a difference in the battle against the enemy. We know we have victory in Jesus, but part of experiencing that victory as a reality is persistently praying in every circumstance.

Lord, right now we pray that You would strengthen and encourage all believers across the world. We pray for Your grace, wisdom and power to be upon each one of us. We pray against the schemes of the devil and ask that Your mighty hand would be at work to achieve victory with us and for us. We ask that You would freshly call each of us to a renewed passion for prayer at all times and on every occasion. Amen.

Written by Matt Samperi

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