Saturday 28 October, 2017

Mark 5:21-24a

21 Jesus went across the Sea of Galilee in a boat. It landed at the other side. There a large crowd gathered around him. 22 Then a man named Jairus came. He was a synagogue leader. When he saw Jesus, he fell at his feet. 23 He begged Jesus, “Please come. My little daughter is dying. Place your hands on her to heal her. Then she will live.” 24 So Jesus went with him. A large group of people followed. They crowded around him.

As I have been reading through Mark I have been stunned by how hard it was for Jesus to do anything in private, the crowds could not get enough of him! But Jesus keeps his mind set on what his Father would have him do. He doesn’t get caught up with the celebrity status of it all. Here again, I see Jesus needing to make a decision in the midst of a massive and demanding crowd.

Lord, you show me by your life that it is possible to remain in the centre of God’s will even while being in the midst of demands, pressures and tumult. Lord you were guided by the Holy Spirit in everything and took opportunities to talk with your Heavenly Father.

Thank you Father that you hear me even when life abounds with demands! Let me hear your clear guiding voice, that I continue to do your will. Amen

Written by Andrew Mellor

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