Wednesday 20 December, 2017

Luke 1:46-56

46 Mary said, “My soul gives glory to the Lord. 47 My spirit delights in God my Savior. 48 He has taken note of me even though I am not considered important. From now on all people will call me blessed. 49 The Mighty One has done great things for me. His name is holy. 50 He shows his mercy to those who have respect for him, from parent to child down through the years. 51 He has done mighty things with his powerful arm. He has scattered those who are proud in their deepest thoughts. 52 He has brought down rulers from their thrones. But he has lifted up people who are not considered important. 53 He has filled with good things those who are hungry. But he has sent away empty those who are rich. 54 He has helped the people of Israel, who serve him. He has always remembered to be kind 55 to Abraham and his children down through the years. He has done it just as he promised to our people of long ago.” 56 Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months. Then she returned home.

In this passage, Mary has just arrived at her relative Elizabeth’s and in response to her greeting Mary sings a song of praise and amazement to God for the position that she is in. She acknowledges God’s power and faithfulness – her insignificance in comparison yet she is grateful that He has chosen her to keep His promise to Israel.

I can’t in any way relate to Mary and what it must have been like for her, knowing Israel’s history and now her place in it, all the relationship issues with her parents and Joseph, all her personal changes in having a baby, all overwhelming in so many ways. But she does do something I can do. I too can sing praises to God, I’m grateful He’s my saviour, I’m overwhelmed that He notices me, I’m thankful that He’s involved in my life & yet He’s the creator of the Universe!

I’m forever grateful.

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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