Friday 5 January, 2018

I could talk about the perceived injustice of the prosperity of the wicked, or the importance of getting your priorities right ( which it is!). But what struck me most in this Psalm are verses 23-28. Regardless of my social status, my financial position, my health, my age, my job, it is all worth nothing without relationship with God. God is the source of my strength not what I have or who I am thought to be. Any thing I have on earth can be lost in a moment but my security and assurance in God lasts forever.

If I use the world and those around me as a measure of my own success I will likely feel disillusioned and disappointed. If I stand with God then I am always successful.

Heavenly Father I thank you for your endless love and care of me. I thank you that your plans for my life are constant and trustworthy. Help me to love those around me and not compare myself to others. Help me to share your love and Greatness. In Jesus name. Amen

Written by Christine Knight

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