Sunday 13 May, 2018

This passage is about showing inappropriate favouritism in church. I love this passage because it has a direct application for us all every Sunday.

On initial reflection this challenge seems simple enough, don’t show favouritism to a wealthy person over a poor person but on further reflection there are more things to consider.

First, it should be said that favouring a person is not necessarily wrong, what this passage is saying is favouring a wealthy person over a poor person for personal gain is wrong.

Next, unless we take the time to think about this it is very easy to show favouritism without realising it. Take some time and challenge yourself as to how impartial you are, I know I will.

Finally, and probably the most important thing to think about is, the spirit of this challenge of impartiality applies to many things other than wealth. We favour people who are rich in beauty, athleticism, youth, intelligence, social status, and achievement. Wow, put that way I know I have a lot to think about.

So here is the challenge, think about how you might be living out this passage of scripture in your life. As far as Sunday services go the best advice is that of our senior pastor, take the time to speak to somebody you have never met before.

Lord, open my eyes regarding how I am showing inappropriate favouritism and give me a heart to bless those not as well off as I am. Amen!

Written by David Newton

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