Saturday 16 June, 2018

Nasty surprises, disappointments – we can’t avoid them. Injustice I think is the most challenging disappointment. What is yours? Life isn’t going to be without pain and Jesus knew this when he said in John 16 v 33 “In this world you will have trouble.” Our reaction is what marks a Christian as different, what gives us an opportunity to share our faith with others.

This Psalm is a blue print for how to pray in these situations, when praying may be furthest from our minds! We need to pray for strength to get us through, and for God to use us in these situations. This prayer tells us to remember the love and promises we have from God v 2. He is good. We recall his character, that he is a faithful, righteous, just and holy God (v14). We marvel that he is creator of everything (v11-12).

More than that, we are to tell others of God’s faithfulness. (v1-2). Yes things don’t make sense at the moment, yes it didn’t pan out as I had hoped, but I know God loves me no matter what. This is a powerful testimony that God will never let me down. He loves me and he has overcome through the cross (John 16 v 33). I trust him because he stays the same no matter what my circumstance or disappointment.

Dear Lord Jesus, I need your Holy Spirit to sing your praises in times of struggle. In these moments use me to point to your faithfulness rather than smile meekly and keep silent. I don’t want to grin and bear it – I want to speak of your love and that you have overcome the world and its trouble. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit so I will be bold. Amen

Written by Claire Moore

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