Wednesday 15 August, 2018

Jesus again teaches about what “the kingdom of heaven is like…” and this time uses both seeds and yeast. The Kingdom of heaven is the place where heaven rules, God rules.

What stands out for me in these verses, is that the kingdom always increases, it always grows.

1 seed produces much grain or even a tree. A small amount of yeast impacts the whole loaf of bread.

God is establishing his rule in his people, in you and me. There are times when his rule in my life is obvious, but there are also times when it is not. But it is growing. I wish it was instant, or that God would just take over all my life at once, but he doesn’t do it that way. His rule happens, as I surrender more of my life to him.

There are times when the surrender is easy and quick, but there are also times when the surrender is more reluctant than willing. But the kingdom of heaven is always growing, that much never changes. I just need to trust the process, I need to trust the farmer, I just need to trust God.

Father, thank you that your kingdom is at work in me and through me and around me. Help me to yield all my life to you alone.

Written by Andrew Martin

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