Tuesday 2 October, 2018

I am struck by the key theme of readiness in this parable from Jesus. Jesus is talking about when He returns to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven, and He is calling us to be ready for Him.

But what does it mean for me to be ready? To have my lamp burning with light, and plenty of spare oil to keep it burning. I take these as metaphors for my personal faith, my personal passion for Him and His mission in the earth – am I still, by faith, being obedient to His call, with plenty of motivation left in the system?

A lamp and oil are simple (and in the times of Jesus) essential items for each day – especially after sunset. How much am I investing in the essentials of my faith, daily, in order to have good light and plenty of oil ready for the day of Jesus’ return?

Lord, continue to teach me what it means to be ready for your return.

Written by Ps. Rob Waugh

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