Thursday 4 October, 2018

I’m reading a book at the moment that focuses on the need for us to see Christ as our Lord and not just as our saviour, example and teacher. It has been getting me thinking about how often I reduce Christ in my own mind by thinking of him as a friend that I can be on equal terms with, only he has amazing power to help me be a better person.

While this idea of Christ can be helpful, if it means that I forget about his role in the creation of the universe or his role in the judgement of all human kind as we see here, I will have a hard time truly worshiping him, because I won’t recognise or respect how great he truly is.

I do know all these things in my head, it’s just that my heart seems to forget them all too easily!

God, help us all to be reverent and worshipful towards you, and help us to know you deeply, so that we can also call you father, saviour and friend.

Written by Ps. Justin Ware

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