Friday 28 December, 2018

We have a custom in western culture of giving honour by name. We single people out to receive awards, whether it be for a Nobel Prize, or the Hall of Fame or Australian of the Year. We recognise someone’s contributions and attach it to their name.

The psalmist here exhorts us to praise the Lord and to praise the name of the Lord. He describes some of the deeds attached to the Lord’s name – He raises the poor person out of poverty and invisibility and elevates them to a place of significance, and He gives children to the woman who did not have any.

God’s intervention and all the individual stories of God bringing hope, joy, restoration, freedom, healing, love, peace, purpose and forgiveness are too many to count… but when we praise God and praise His name, may we begin to recall them to mind. May we remember what they reveal to us about His matchless character and unending grace.

Help me God to spread the stories of your goodness around, may your name receive praise from me everyday. Amen.

Written by Ps. Beth Waugh

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