Wednesday 3 April, 2019

Peter objects to having his feet washed by His Master and Teacher Jesus because it was such a lowly job. Peter does not understand that Jesus was demonstrating His servant leadership and was asking His disciples to serve each other in this way also. So when Peter objects, Jesus explains that if not, then Peter shall have no part of Him. Peter doesn’t yet understand that Jesus is referring to holiness, not hygiene (Message Bible). So of course, Peter who is all in with Jesus says please wash all of me. Jesus said it is not necessary since Peter has already had a bath and only needs his feet washed. Is Jesus now talking about hygiene? Jesus seems to be talking on different levels all at once.

So while Jesus is demonstrating how he wants his disciples to love and serve one another, I think he is also referring to forgiveness. As David wrote in Psalm 51:7 “wash me and I will be clean”. After we have done the wrong thing, sin makes us feel dirty and unclean. As Christians, when we sin this can be a hard thing to deal with. Personally, when I have sinned, I feel that I have gone back to being fully immersed in sin, as though I was not a Christian anymore. That I am back to where I was before I received Jesus for forgiveness and salvation. But the truth is when I first received Christ, I have “had a bath” and have been made totally clean. When I sin as a Christian, I just need to come to Jesus again and have my “feet washed” and I am totally clean again.

Lord Jesus, I thank you that you allow me to come and have my feet washed. You allow me to come whenever I need to, to be made clean. Thank you for demonstrating your love to me in this way.

Written by Gab Martin

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