Monday 8 April, 2019

I love the way Jesus begins and ends this passage with encouraging instructions, and in the middle tells us why we can believe in what He says.

I don’t think there is anyone in existence who has not been troubled by something or needed something that is beyond them – I know that I certainly have. And often I allow myself to be overwhelmed by these troubles and needs. It almost seems too good to be true to simply bring these troubles and needs to Jesus and expect Him to actually do anything about them. Yet Jesus explains that He carries the very authority and heart of God – He is not only able to help, but He is eager to.

So often my first response to fear, worry, trouble or need is to try and find a solution, when I could be bringing these to Jesus instead and trusting Him to sort them out on my behalf. While we have responsibility to do our best & take the steps we can – in the authority of God that He has given us – we can trust that when we bring what we need to Jesus, He is on the case. Admittedly His response may not look like what we have pictured, however we can trust that He is at work for our good. He is the way, truth and life for each of us – He will not leave us where we are but will meet us where we are at in order to bring glory to God.

Thank you Jesus that you are willing and able to hear our prayers & to meet our needs. Thank you that because you are in control and you are good, we can bring our troubles to you & trust that you are working on our behalf, bringing glory to God.


Written by Ps. Madelaine Tarasenko

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