Wednesday 17 April, 2019

This is Jesus praying directly for you and me (and all who have believed because of his disciples’ message). This is significant. This is personal.

His prayer for us focuses on two related things: glory and unity.

Glory is not a word I use often, so I looked it up. With reference to God, it is the revelation of who he is: his appearance in thunder and lightning, in a cloud and a pillar of fire, in his tabernacle and his temple and sometimes in person; in his character; through what he does: in creation and in miracles; and in the person of Jesus.

He prays that we would

  • Be his glory. As we are united in relationship with him, and with each other, we reveal Jesus to the world around us. We testify that Jesus was sent by God; and that God loves us as much as he loves Jesus.
  • See his glory. It’s exciting that he says he will continue to reveal his glory to us.

(By implication disunity goes with a damaged relationship with Jesus and his glory being hidden. That’s serious!)

I’m challenged in three things:

  • It begins with unity with Jesus. If I want to see Jesus’ glory revealed (and I do), I need to focus on my relationship with him first.
  • I should look for Jesus glory to be revealed in my brothers and sisters in Christ (not look for fault).
  • Jesus will reveal his glory through me most readily when I’m working with other Christians, not alone (and certainly not if I’m working against them).

Jesus, I want to see your glory revealed today.

Written by David Cornell

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