Monday 3 June, 2019

Abraham’s nephew, Lot was captured during a time of rebellion and war. A time where fighting, invading, capturing, escaping and conquering were aplenty. Fortunately for Lot, Abraham was able to rescue him and other captives as well as recovering their possessions.

What strikes me here is that Abram was in a position to rescue his nephew Lot straight away. Men from his own household were already trained, all they needed was to be mobilized. Lot was caught in a predicament through his own foolishness and was wonderfully rescued and restored through the ready actions of his uncle. It’s a picture of God the Father rescuing his children from situations they themselves have engineered. Life is often a battle front but our God is well equipped to reach down and save us from our sins and bring restoration. I love how the Scripture says that in addition to Lot being returned, all goods were recovered and all the women and captives were returned. Victory was complete!

Thank you Lord that your arm is not too weak to save. Thank you for rescuing and restoring my life. You are a good Father. Amen

Written by Ps. Ainslie Woods

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