Thursday 6 June, 2019

“He also said…”

What would Abram have missed out on had he not have stayed for the “He also said…” – for the next bit?

Because the bit before was pretty fantastic…

I’m going to give you a son and you’re going to have a huge family!

Awesome! But God continues in verse 7…

“And I’m going to give you this whole land!”

Plus, God gave Abram exact details of what will happen in Egypt, the exodus and God’s deliverance.

Plus, God appeared to Abram with a burning pot and blazing torch and made a covenant with him – a promise, written in blood, to give Abram the land.

And this was a picture of a new covenant that was on its way. It was also written in blood but this time it would be Jesus’. It would be by faith in God just like the first one was with Abram. And it would mean an eternal land for me when I repent of my sin and rest my faith on Jesus. That’s so amazing!

Lord, thank you for this new covenant, written in the blood of Jesus, that saves my life. Help me live every day in the sure hope of your promises that will never be broken. Hope me to stay long enough to hear and receive all you long to tell me.   Amen

Written by Boudy VanNoppen

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