Saturday 8 June, 2019

As I read this passage, I have just been reflecting on one of the sessions from the C3 Presence conference.

In the session, Chris Hodges from a church in America, was sharing on 4 things that will grow me closer to God. They were:

1) Get connected to God (salvation)

2) Get free from slavery (sanctification)

3) Connect with others (church and connect group community)

4) Make a difference (service)

He promised that these 4 steps are found right throughout scripture and I was surprised to find them here in this passage!

1) I AM the LORD almighty

2) walk beside me faithfully and with righteousness

3) I will make you the father of many nations

4) There will be an everlasting covenant between you and your descendants (that you will need to maintain)

Also under point 4 from a different passage is the promise that all nations on earth will be blessed because of the blessing that is on Abraham.

Lord, I praise you today because you have made a way for Abraham and a way for me to live a life that has an incredible relationship with you.

Written by Ps. Justin Ware

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